August 22, 2014

“A“ Box

Hello crafting friends! Happy Friday!!! Today I come with a very cute project despite the crafting muse was out on vacation. I was thinking on what to do for your inspiration while I was surfing on the SnapDragon Snippet store and then I saw this box and came out at my mind my daughter's name, Andrea. So, I decided to make this cute "A" box

It is very easy to assemble, this is one of the reason of what I love of SnapDragon Snippet files. I looked for a Shabby Chick pattern paper and nothing perfect than this one from Mosipis, which is from her newest collection called Shabby Chris; added some butterflies that my friend +Patty sent me last year. Gray half pearls and here it is!! 

As you can see the box is very neat and looks perfect in every angle. I already have this beautiful box at work but I may do the rest of her name and put the boxes in her room for decoration.

Hope you like it!!  See you next time!!!

File used: "A" box 


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